Hosting Services

Responsive and Affordable Canadian Web Hosting.

We offer a compliment of powerful and reliable web hosting services to fit your needs and budget.

Unlike many hosting providers, we own our servers and manage our our hardware. We also maintain several redundant internet up-links. This allows us to maintain complete control of our delivery platform which translated into a better overall customer experience and increased reliability of the network.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Linux and Windows Hosting?

The most significant difference between the Linux and Windows hosting platforms is the underlying programming language. Linux servers natively support PHP, Perl and MySQL while Windows based servers offer ASP, ASP.NET and MS SQL or MS Access Databases.
Linux based servers power over 95% of the worlds websites making open-source web applications much more available of the Linux platform.
Unless you require specific Microsoft based web products, Linux based hosting is likely your best option.

Does my Linux or Windows Hosting plan come with email?

Yes. Both Linux and Windows hosting plans come with email service. You can setup as many email account as you want through the client webpanel or or by support request if you need help. Please keep in mind that your email storage and you website files share the space and account limits.

Do you offer web design services?

Yes. For more information about our web design services, please visit our web design section or contact us to speak to a customer service representative about your needs

Are you truly a Canadian company?

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our headquarters is located in Sudbury ON. We have a primary data centre in Sudbury ON and a secondary data center in Vancouver BC to provide geo diversity and redundancy.